November has been a busy one for Splice with lots of projects well underway, and a fair few drawing to a close, our team knuckled down to create brilliant telly and gained excellent recognition in the process.

We were nominated in the Best Post House category for the 2019 Broadcast Awards, once again. We're thrilled with this nomination and the efforts of our entire team have not gone unnoticed - the devotion with which they apply themselves to their work is admirable and we're truly grateful so, thank you to our Splicers!

We want to wish a huge congratulations to Rogan Productions for winning two Grierson Awards this month for Stabbed: Britain's Knife Crime Crisis for Best Single Documentary (Domestic); and Duwayne Brooks took home Best Documentary Presenter for the same project. We loved posting this project at Splice, and this documentary fully deserves the recognition it has received. It sheds light on a topic so important in British society and we are so proud to have shared a part in this discussion!

Our busy November has included delivery to Netflix for Maradona in Mexico in UHD and HDR Dolby Vision as a seven-part documentary series. We also completed post-production on The Baby Has Landed for BBC Two, and MasterChef: The Professionals (Series 12) for BBC Two.

This month's Employee of the month goes to the incomparable Altino, Head of Engineering. He's always on-hand to deal with a constant string of demands from each department. He really is just a lovely bloke, and we're so grateful to have him around! Thanks, Al!