So it's 2020 now, another decade, and as long as January may feel, there is no better time for hibernating in our cosy suites working on what we love. While we hide from the grey skies and make up for the excesses of the Christmas holidays we've been easily distracted by the fabulous work our clients have brought through our welcoming doors:

Britain's Best Home Cook and Young, Sikh and Proud for BBC One. Chris Packham: 7.7 Billion People and Counting for BBC Two. Got What It Takes? for BBC Three. How to Steal Pigs and Influence People for Channel 4. Busted In Bangkok for Channel 5. Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars - Series 3 and Born Mucky: Life on the Farm for Quest. To name but a few.

As we head into February, the famous Broadcast Awards is just around the corner, so we prepare our glad rags and send out all our best wishes to everyone shortlisted. This year we're delighted to have been nominated in the Best Post House category, an unexpected compliment which delights us all here at Splice. And a good time to say thank you to the team. As everyone in post production knows, every piece of great work is truly a team effort. So fingers crossed for a nervy night and good luck to all our brothers and sisters in post production.

January's Employee of the Month is the relentless Matt Baird, our incredible Senior Dubbing Mixer. Always giving up so much of his time to fully commit himself to every project he works on to achieve the utmost success. Thank you, Matt!