Here at Splice HQ we were delighted when we found out our Head of Colour Adam Dolniak was awarded the coveted RTS Craft & Design Award for Picture Enhancement at Monday's awards ceremony. 

Adam was recognised by the jury for his grading work on the BBC Two series Rise of the Nazis which broadcast in September 2019. The three-part documentary series, produced by 72 Films and directed by Julian Jones, explores how Hitler and the Nazi’s obtained power in Germany and eradicated the democracy.

With drama shot in several locations across Lithuania, and a host of engaging experts, the story explores multiple characters and spans over the timeline of several years. Adam divulges that he “wanted to make the most out of each individual scene and achieve a finished piece that was visually enjoyable”.


Adam discussed the creative brief in great detail with the production team, he was requested to ensure that the grading complimented characters whilst also diversifying the episodes from one another. The series DOP Duane McClunie commented: "The finished films complement each other very well, yet at the same time have variety in their colouring which create a striking and visually interesting series.”

It was important for Adam to give the series a bold look, to accentuate the Nazi’s aura of grandeur and to allow the project to stand out visually in the genre and as a result, he impressed the RTS jury with his work.

The jury stated they were ‘’struck by the creative results of this grade, especially given the time and budget constraints. It was original, creative, supported the photography and made a notable difference to the story and subject matter.”

Congratulations Adam!