At Splice, we are well aware of our social responsibility to our community. It is our vision to be part of building a future with diverse and gender-balanced TV industry. We have partnered with Inspire, a local charity with a mission to improve young people’s access to more industries and career levels within them, enhancing their future career prospects. 


It is the reality that youth unemployment in London remains high especially after the pandemic. Many young people still lack the skills, knowledge and aspirations needed to pursue fulfilling careers or access to particular vocations. Together with Inspire, we aim to build confidence and arm the youth with the knowledge of how to navigate, thrive and succeed in the working world. 


In the coming months, Splice will open our doors to give the next generation greater insight into more career paths and offer work experience placements to young people including those with additional educational needs, as part of Inspire's ‘Get ready for work experience’ programme.

Whilst introducing young people to a particular industry, we can reduce class, gender and racial under-representation in it and by extension wider societal inequalities. We are so pleased we get to connect and support young people in our community.