Splice were invited to exhibit in the Green Zone at FOCUS by BAFTA’s Albert and AdGreen on 3rd and 4th December at the Business Design Centre in London. FOCUS is the annual meeting place for international film and television makers, and the Green Zone is a dedicated space for businesses with outstanding green credentials to meet and discuss ways to encourage a more sustainable future within the industry. This year’s Green Zone was themed ‘The Future of Production’, which for us as an Albert affiliate means zero waste to landfill and net zero carbon. It also featured a really interesting recycled retro-futuristic set from the original Doctor Who which was a brilliant backdrop for the drinks reception on Wednesday!  

Our Commercial Manager, Megan Johnston, spoke on the ‘Zero Carbon Now!’ panel about Splice’s multi-faceted approach to sustainability and the steps we have taken to reduce our carbon footprint even further, to just 0.6 tonnes for 2019. Megan’s discussion also touched on internal policy, Splice’s Green Team and our supplier partnerships. At Splice, we choose our suppliers carefully based on excellence and sustainability credentials, and we encourage others to do the same.

Other panels across the two days included ‘Save Money, Save the Planet’ (debunking the myth that sustainable equals expensive) and ‘5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon’ (AKA if you're going to do ANYTHING to reduce your impact, do this).

This feeds into a whole mindset shift that comes with sustainability. An environmentally responsible mentality has been at the very core of Splice for years so writing the environment into our policy and supporting green initiatives has been inherent to our culture. We are proud to continue to lead the way and intend to continue this into 2020 and beyond.