At the beginning of this month we welcomed the vibrancy of Rebecca Strickson into our office. An artist and illustrator inspired by traditional imagery of trade union banners and protest placards, Rebecca's Arts & Crafts design pieces are overblown in eye-popping 70s supermarket packaging colours.

The centrepiece of Rebecca's exhibition at Splice is placed at the reception of our Perseverance Works facility. There are intricately patterned prints, handsewn sofa cushions and an extraordinary custom made union banner throw with the message 'Tell me a story' on it. ‘’What Splice as post-production house does, in essence, is facilitate storytelling. A lot of stories start in foyers – you sit down, have a cup of tea, you might meet someone. This work here is all about being a conversation starter, but at the same time making sure that the conversation starts'', says Rebecca.

Rebecca's inspiration comes from having studied a range of art - from Egyptian, Persian and Islamic patterns to Pre-Raphaelite and Victorian art. All of which have manifested themselves in her work, paired with the vivacious colours which give her art a resounding impact. Rebecca's love of William Morris, artistically and socially, also comes through strongly in her work.

Click here to see more of Rebecca's work & if want to see Rebecca’s art for yourself then make sure to pop by in our Shoreditch facility - all pieces are for sale!