The Project

Splice completed full post-production on the BBC series, which follows six different families over their first six of weeks of parenthood. Filled with laughter, love and chaos, this series is a wonderful depiction of the rollercoaster of modern parenting. Caroline Hewson and Lily Morgan were post-producers on the show.

Offline & Media Management

Working with the client from the pre-production stage Splice collaborated on a workflow and budget that complimented this new rig show perfectly. Offering early ingest, remote viewing and native resolution workflow for an incredible budget that enabled the client the most support in the pre-post and offline stages.


Colour Grading

The priority in the grade was matching the rigged cameras to the sony master camera to create seamless viewing. Due to the natural, sometimes challenging lighting of fixed rig footage, Head of colour, Adam Dolniak, wanted to ensure that all subjects indoors were bright and colourful to enforce the warm tone of the programme. Additionally, the families’ back-stories were graded with high contrast for a clear and obvious distinction with present day.  


Audio Post Production

Joe Cochrane mixed the series with ProTools HD. The fixed rig multitrack recordings required extensive use of Izotope’s Post Production Suite to improve and enhance dialogue clarity within the show.


The series contained a lot of background noise, including music, mic rustles and reverberant audio, and Izotope’s RX7 was essential in ironing these out. Some music was elevated at numerous points throughout episodes to complement the chaotic nature of certain scenes, typically associated with parenthood.


Online Editing

Tristan Lancey and Sol Coker completed the online for The Baby Has Landed on Avid Symphony, using a pastel colour scheme to differentiate between each family on all titles and maintain the warmth created in the grade.  


Due to the 24/7 rigged camera set-up to film each of the families, sensitive background objects were inevitable. So, Sol and Tris utilised the plug-ins from Boris and Sapphire with Mocha integration for any blurring and painting-out of these. Additionally, the neat video plugin for noise reduction was used on material shot in darker lighting conditions.


Where to Watch

You can catch-up on The Baby Has Landed on BBC Three.