In this revealing documentary, presenter Anna Richardson explores sex, love, and how romance in Britain has changed since the lockdown.

Our long time friends at Curve Media approached us to help them deliver this fast turnaround project right in the middle of a lockdown never experienced previously. A project with challenges in many areas we approached it as we do all projects, with an open mind and a flexible approach to devise a workflow bespoke to the needs of the production. Addressing the technical, creative and scheduling challenges, working remotely and in-facility, the team at Splice really pulled together on this one to shine.

Curve Media Production Manager Tara Benson said: ‘’Splice have been fantastic during this new way of working and really helping us to make this difficult time as smooth as possible'’  

‘‘As I’d worked for some time with Splice on another production, I knew we were in good hands. Post Producer Elizabeth Maj particularly was fantastic, being my first point of call for everything, helping me through the various post production challenges, as well as the rest of the team at Splice in getting this through the door, particularly as the production was only 5-6 weeks, so really no time at all, and that on its own would have been difficult in the “normal” way of working.’’ 


Colour Grading and Online Editing 

Colourist and Online Editor, Eddie Nuttall graded on Avid Symphony, using Filmlight's Baselight plug-in and Slate panel. This allowed the use of powerful grading tools for a stylised look, but with flexibility for last-minute changes in a tight turnaround situation. Special attention was paid to giving the show a glossy and colourful look throughout, with extensive use of the Boost Colour and Hue Shift tools.


The online was completed on Avid Symphony, making use of Boris and Sapphire plug-ins for stylised custom transitions. The Boris Gaussian Blur and Witness Protection tools were used to conceal people's modesty during more revealing sections, utilising Mocha integration for fast and precise tracking capabilities.


Audio Post Production

Dubbing mixer Patrick Baker mixed the audio on Pro Tools 12 with the Avid S6 desk.

Due to a large amount of user-generated footage, noise reduction was required, with extensive use of Izotope RX to iron out the imperfections.

Particular care was given to reducing reverb and background noise to help match the user-generated audio to the high-quality studio piece to the camera's sound.

Where to Watch

The documentary is available now on All4.