Splice completed a full post on a three-part TV docu-drama series for 72 Film for Sky History which transports us back to a tumultuous, violent time of civil wars, usurped kings, intrigues and plots. This is the story of the Wars of the Roses and the origins of the Tudor dynasty.

Head of Picture, Adam Dolniak graded the series in Filmlight's Baselight. Adam used heavy contrast and shapes to create a Chiaroscuro feel to the drama, with film grain and Baselight’s streak filter to add a gritty texture for the more brutal scenes.

Head of Online, Tristan Lancey and Senior Online Editor Matt Parry completed the online in Avid Symphony utilising the Boris and Sapphire effects packages in conjunction with Mocha throughout. Clean up and object removal was carried out with a combination of BCC Remover and Mocha clean plate removal.

Graphics were supplied by Blue Spill and treated in Avid to match the look of the series.

Splice’s Joe Cochrane mixed the series, aided by Sound Editors Michal Maletz and Elliott Bowell. Working with Director Julian Jones, the team aimed to create a rich soundscape, using elements of medieval life and sounds with edgy music, drones and effects.

From a sound design point of view, it was imperative that all the SFX used were period specific, medieval courtyards with animals and chatter that didn't sound modern. More importantly, building up the battle scenes with enough background walla without overdoing it. Using Spot FX to bring the battle scenes to life without detracting from the story. Adding in enough gore to make the hits and blows feel believable and enhanced the grotesque story that was being told.

Michael and Elliott edited and cleaned up the production recordings in the dramatised scenes using iZotope's RX8 to create the cleanest possible foundation for the extensive sound effects and foley work. Many sequences are heavily enhanced with the use of crowd ADR to build the intensity of the scenes. This ultimately contributes to the overall sensation of violence and intrigue within the story.

You can watch the new series of Royal Bastards: Rise of the Tudors on Sky History and NOW TV.