The Project

Splice housed offline and completed full post-production for the three-part docudrama series for BBC Two. This deeply powerful and highly stylised documentary explores how The Nazis rose to power in Germany and invited the destruction of democracy. Ramit Anchal was post-producer of the show. 

Colour Grading

Our Head of Picture, Adam Dolniak graded the series on Filmlight’s Baselight. The films consists of dramatic reconstruction shot on ARRI Alexa in 4:3 and 2.39 talking-heads.  

Adam worked closely with the Director and DoP to create a series of bold looks across all three films. Combining the blending of in-camera ARRI look files and LUTs together with cross-processed curves to generate a sense of grandeur and dynamism. 

It’s common knowledge that higher-ranking Nazi Officers led lives of glamour and opulence so Adam sought to convey this in the grade of the reconstruction with vivid and saturated colours. 

Audio Post Production

Rise of the Nazis was mixed on an Avid S6 console using ProTools HD. The series went through several sound design phases with the audio team and clients to further define the highly stylised series.

The sound effects were crafted carefully around the composed music to hone in on the dark tonality of the programme, whilst the dramatic reconstruction scenes were designed to be abstract with extensive use of filters, reverbs, delays and distortion.

Online Editing

Ben Harris completed the online in Avid Symphony using Mocha Pro and the Boris FX suite and it’s range of tools for object removal and paint out work on the dramatic reconstruction. Neat Video Noise reduction was used sympathetically where required to build a rich and stylish look across all aspects of the series.

Ben worked with the director to create and place captions and re-design the title card to complement the look of the series using textures and Boris FX lens effects. Overall the work in online gives the series a consistent recognisable style.

Where To Watch

You can catch Rise of the Nazis on Mondays at 9 pm on BBC Two.