The Project
Splice completed full post-production for ITV2’s popular sitcom. The fifth series follows the comical trio bustle around Ancient Rome in a never-ending endeavour to find love and success. Ramit Anchal was post-supervisor on the series.

Colour Grading
The new series of Plebs has a more dynamic and atmospheric feel in the show's lighting.  
Using Filmlight’s Baselight, Head of Colour, Adam Dolniak helped to embrace the shadows created by the low-key lighting and used curve grade to add contrast without affecting the highlights.

Audio Post Production
Senior Dubbing Mixer, Matt Baird, continued with the attention to detail executed consistently throughout the five seasons.

Mixed on Pro Tools Ultimate software using the Avid S6 M40 control surface, Matt’s intentions were to finesse the heavily-cut, quick-fire dialogue to find the funniest version of every line. Alt takes were also used to keep ADR to a minimum, and in turn, create a rich atmosphere soundscape to sell the ancient world instilled on-screen and enhanced in the grade.

Online Editing
Head of Online, Tristan Lancey onlined the latest series of Plebs using Avid Symphony. This allowed Baselight BLG plugin integration, permitting last-minute editorial decisions regarding comedic reactions, whilst still maintaining the consistency from the grade and audio.

Boris & Mocha Plugins were extensively used for set extension and object removal. Stabilising and rotoscoping were used to combine multiple takes into seamless composites.

3D VFX was completed by The Brewery.

Where to Watch
The sitcom is on Mondays at 10 pm on ITV2.