The Project 

Splice completed full post-production for the feature documentary 'Fighting For A City' about the UK featherweight boxer Josh Warrington directed by Greg Hardes & Jacob Proud.   The film follows Josh on the road to his dream; a world title fight in his beloved hometown of Leeds, but can he fulfil his city's hopes and dreams?  Post-production executive Ramit Anchal post produced the documentary.

Colour Grading

Shot on Arri Alexa Mini, Sony A7R3 and Sony FS7; Glimmerglass filters lend a nice glow to the film.  Senior colourist, Adam Dolniak graded in Filmlight's Baselight aiming to replicate the tonal distribution of film print, he added additional texture using the sharpen and film grain tools.  Particular attention was paid to skin tones during the intense fight scenes.

Audio Post Production

Senior dubbing mixer, Matt Baird, mixed the film on ProTools 12, using iZotope RX6 to salvage every detail of the production sound to maintain an intimate feel throughout.  Matt made extensive use of layout modes on the 16 fader Avid S6 to carefully build tension but pushed the mix at key moments to compliment the lush cinematic fight sequences, so as Matt says 'when the mix goes big, it goes really big'.

Online Editing

Tristan Lancey was the online editor.  Treating archive by re-recording footage on CRT screens with further restoration methods applied using Boris FX.  Tris also completed the title design. 

Where to Watch

The film premiered at Leeds Film Festival in November 2018 and is available to buy on DVD and digital download now. 

Watch a clip here.