The Project

Splice housed offline and completed full post-production for the new series of Celebrity MasterChef for BBC One. The latest 18 part series follows a new group of Britain's favourite personalities as they compete for the culinary competition's title. 

Colour Grading

Colourist, Mark Slobodian, graded the series on Filmlight’s Baselight.  Mark worked to keep the series distinctly bright and colourful, using keys and tools such as SixVector to help colour separation.

With 1500-2000 shots per episode using multiple cameras, the main priority of Mark’s grade was to maintain consistency throughout. Baselight’s features and customisable layouts allowed for efficient working under the time constraints.

Audio Post Production

Dubbing mixer, James Whittlesea mixed the series on Pro Tools HD 12. Using the Avid S6 M40 console James was able to have hands-on access to the EQ's and other tools, streamlining his session and ensuring efficiency. James removed any background sound from set and dialogue bleed using the RX7 Editor so the judge's critique remained a focal point.

Online Editing

Matt Parry completed the online in Avid Symphony, using various effects from Boris and Sapphire FX, alongside Mocha Pro for any removes, stabilises and tracking.  Matt made use of the neat video plugin for any scenes filmed in low lighting.  

Where to Watch

The series starts on Monday 2nd September 2019 at 9 pm on BBC One.