Our Head of Picture Adam Dolniak was awarded the RTS Craft & Design Award for Picture Enhancement on Monday's award ceremony at The Hilton Park Lane. 

This was for his grading work on the Channel 4 documentary The UN Sex Abuse Scandal which was broadcast earlier this year.  The hour-long film produced by Ronachan Films and directed by Sam Collyns tells the story of the predatory behaviour of some of the uniformed members and civilians undertaking peacekeeping missions and the over 1,700 allegations of sexual exploitation made against them. 

The budget for the film allowed Adam just one day to complete the grade. Adam said as soon as he heard about the film he wanted to grade it so that it felt 'cinematic and atmospheric'.  Given the subject of the documentary is extremely dark, with many victims talking for the first time about their experiences, Adam sought to create beautiful imagery from the bold African landscapes, lifting and adding tones to the shadows, together with film grain texture, creating mood and drama.  

The RTS jury said they 'highly commended this documentary for a grade that felt cinematic and beautiful, adding immensely to the emotion and mood of the film. Astounding work. Powerful, stand out and with huge impact.'

Congratulations Adam!